Fallen Star “Dynamic Duo” T-Shirt


Throughout the history of the NBA there’s been some great duos who ran the courts during they’re time together. Kareem and Magic, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, The Mailman and John Stockton, Willis Reed and Walt Fraizer, Penny and SHAQ, Jordan and Pippen. And that’s just to name a few off the top of my head. Once on they’re way to being among one of the greatest duos while playing together on the Minnesota Timberwolves was Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury. During the 96/97 NBA season KG and Marbury we’re running the courts in they’re division but unfortunately Stephon suffered a few shoulder and knee injuries throughout the year and they’re run together became limited.

To honor what could of been a great thing Fallen Stars has released the “Dynamic Duo” T-Shirt featuring a graphic of both KG and Marbury in they’re Timberwolves jerserys. Dynamic Duo is printed above the image in bold lettering with 1996-1997 – Teen Wolves printed alongside the image. Colors options available include the Freshwaster Blue version shown above and white and black versions both pictured after the jump.

If your interested in picking up the Fallen Star “Dynamic Duo” T-Shirt you can grab one now through Corporate.



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