Release Date Delay For Copper Foamposite One


Some of you may have heard the news by now about how the release date for the Copper Foamposite One has been delayed. G-Roc from TheShoeGame originally posted the info which quickly spread throughout the forums and blogs.

At this time we don’t know much about why the release date was changed, or when exactly the sneakers will be released. Alls we know is that they won’t be coming out on the 13th as originally planned and that no new date has been set in stone yet.

Since the news surfaced earlier today numerous theories as to why the release has been pushed back have surfaced. There are reports that it has something to do with Penny, and the fact that his contract with Nike is up and they are waiting for him to sign his name on the dotted line again before release the sneakers which consist of his trademarked logos. There are also rumors that it has something to do with the Air Jordan 2010 and the fact that the sneakers are set to release on February 13th, the same day as the Copper Foams, and that Nike wouldn’t dare release a pair of Foams on the same day as the Air Jordan 2010 as it’s believed the Foams would instantly kill any sort of sales possible for the Air Jordan. Whether or not any of those rumors are true we don’t know. It’s all speculation right now folks.

Another rumor we heard, which we thought was pretty funny is that the Foams have been delayed cause a major snowstorm is expected in the DC metro area. We know Foams are major in DC, but does Nike really base their releases around the forecast of one specific area? Think about all the times you may have camped out during snowstorms or downpours. It just doesn’t seem logical to use that a snowstorm in the DMV would have anything to do with a release date change.

Once we hear more about this we will be sure to keep you posted, until then your best bet is to call your local retailers requesting to know more. If your in fear your not gonna be able to get a pair, or simply just don’t wanna wait any longer swing through eBay to scoop a pair up through one of the auctions.

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