Playstation Air Force 1 On eBay


To help contribute to the massive effort being put fourth in Haiti IGNhas put together a list of various auctions on eBay with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Habitat for Humanity. Since IGN deals with videos games majority of the auctions are video game related, and surprisingly enough they just so happen to have a pair of the Playstation Air Force 1’s, #119 of 150. Their a size 9 but we doubt anybody who’s gonna bid on these cares about that. As you should all known these are a HUGE collectors item and considered to be grails among a lot of collectors. As it stands right now, with just a little over 4days left in the auction, there are currently 8 bids with the bid set a $305. These are the originals too, not the reissued ones which released in 2009.

If should be interesting to see where this goes as we’ve seen the Playstation Air Force Ones go for prices of well over 2grand. Click here to check out the eBay auction.

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