SN’EADS – Issue #1


As a young kid I enjoyed many things in life, just as any young kid does. Among the list of things I took an interest in then and still continue to take an interest in today is comics. Whether it be full on comic books or just a series of a few sketches, I usually find something of interest in all of them. Specially those Far Side sketches and the classic Garfield comics and all the newspaper comics. I guess it keeps the kid in me.

Somebody else who has a thing for comics is Tyree Dillihay, one of our fellow sneakerheads who goes by name R E E. Growing up with a passion for comics and art, among other things, Tyree turned his efforts towards cartoons and became an inspired cartoonist. As any artist Tyree pondered together some ideas on what original idea he could contribute to the cartoon/comic industry and how exactly he could make his mark. Having a thing for sneakers as well as comics Tyree decided to fuse his love for both and create a comic series based off the two. This is where Sn’eads comes to life, a comic series “about a group of sneakerheads and their mishaps, adventures, life lessons, etc. all for the love of sneakers,” according to Tyree.

Seen here is the first issue of Sn’eads with this particular strip involving the Dirty Copper Air Foamposite One. To see how Issue #1 of Sn’eads ends click here and stay tuned for more issues of Sn’eads in the near future.


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