Nike Air Foamposite One Face-Off


By now you are all well aware of the upcoming Nike Air Foamposite One “Copper” release set for February 13th, and probably even heard how the rumor mill is reporting on an upcoming reissue of the Eggplants sometime in March. For all you Foamposite Pro fans there’s also word of the Foamposite Pro “Pearl” returning later this year.

In honor of the Foamposite craze going around right now we put together Foamposite One Face-Off. The Foamposite One Face-Off puts the Royal Blue, Copper, Cactus, Eggplant, Black/Red and the all Black Foamposite One’s against each other in a winner takes all poll. Pro models are not included.

Judging by the comment’s I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook many of you are torn between some of the colorways and find it hard to pick a favorite so this should be an interesting match up.

Follow the jump to hit the polls and put your vote in for your favorite pair of Foamposite One’s. You can only pick one, so make your vote count!!


The first of the Nike Air Foamposite One’s is the infamous Royal Blue colorway which was made famous by Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway in 1997. Back in ’97 when they originally released the Royal Blue’s carried a price tag of $180 which came out to be about $200. I was a big Penny fan at the time and I can remember myself and three other kids in my school, which consisted of a middle school and high school, being the only ones who had em. At a price of $180 when Jordan’s were going for $160 at most there weren’t a lot who were willing to drop the $180+Tax on a pair in my area. Sadly I no longer have mine. Not that I would fit in them now anyway. 10yrs after the original 97 release of the Royal Blue Foams Nike retro’d them in 2007 in the OG colorway and an assortment of others listed below. My all-time favorite Foamposite, and my #1 sneaker of all-time. I have MAD love for these, if anybody has a 13 hit me up ASAP!!


Next in line we have the Foamposite One “Cactus” or “Black Cactus”, whichever you prefer. These were one of the few retro versions of the Foamposite One’s which released in December 2007. For this edition Nike designed the sneakers with a Black Foamposite upper with Cactus Green on the outsole, Nike Swoosh, along the tongue and heel tab, and on the signature Penny logo on the heel. I’m not denying that this isn’t a dope look for the Foamposite One, but due to the love i have for the Royal Blue’s I’m sort of bias when it comes to the Foams. Retail price on these was set at $200, just like all the retro Foams in 2007.


Along with the Cactus Foams Nike also released this Black/Varsity Red version in October 2007. Just like the Cactus Foams these consist of a Black Foamposite upper, with the Cactus Green swapped for bright Varsity Red accents. These were a nice pair to pay homage to Penny signing with the Miami Heat back in 2007. I myself had a pair, but have since sold them. Kinda wish I still had em though.


Keeping things moving we got the all Black Foamposite One’s also released in  August 2007. Simply put, all black everything. Black upper, black branding, and a black outsole. No color contrast what so ever on these. Defiantly to dark for my taste when it comes to a pair of Foams but I can remember quite a few people going hard these these which is why Nike ended up transferring the all black finish to the Black Foamdomes.


Shortly after the retro releases of the Foamposite One’s in 2007 there were two more Foamposite releases in 2008. One was another Royal Blue Foamposite which released in July 2008 and the other was this Black/Army Green version which hit retailers in September 2008. Besides for the Royal Blue version this is the only other Foamposite One featuring three different colors. Black is used for the Foamposite upper and lace panel, Army Green holds down the outsole and a slight hit of white is seen on the Nike Swoosh.


Keeping the Foamposite One alive Nike dropped the Eggplant Foamposites in February 2009. Sneakerheads went crazy for the Eggplant’s, maybe even more so then they did the retro release of the Royal Blue’s in 2007. Once again due to my love for the Royal Blue’s it’s hard for me to like another pair of Foams as much as I do those particular ones, but I gotta give it up to Nike for bringing back the icey clear outsole. It’s just so fitting on these with the Eggplant colored upper. Don’t forget, if you didn’t get a pair of these when they released last year rumor is they will be returning this year in March.


Last in line is the Copper Foamposite One, which is also known as the Dirty Copper Foamposites. These are set to release next month on February 13th and from what we’ve been reading on the forums there’s A LOT of people looking forward to these. Just like Jordan heads there’s a whole group of people who just gotta have their Foams. With a sneaker a fresh though can you really argue? I know I’ll be picking these up for sure next month.

Now that you’ve seen the Foams hit up the poll below and put in your vote for your personal favorite and let’s see who wins this thing. You can only vote for 1 of the sneakers so make it count.

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