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It’s time for the sneaker community to step up and show the world just how powerful a force this “little” community can be. Following in the steps of our friends over at NiceKicks, TSG, SneakerNews, Freshness, Hypebeast and the rest of the blogs out there we are continuing the call of action for your support to provide whatever you can to help the innocent and devastated people in Haiti who are now fighting for their lives more then ever. With the recent earthquake in Haiti and the destruction it’s done throughout the capital of Port-au-Prince the streets are now covered with all sorts of debris with a lot of people walking around without any sort of footwear protecting their feet. As you can imagine this sort of situation is bound to lead to infections would could lead to amputations or even turn deadly if not treated, and needless to say the treatment defiantly isn’t available for the enormous amounts of people in need right now.

We are asking for everybody to donate atleast 1 pair of wearable sneakers to the Sneakerheads for Haiti foundation put together by Soles4Souls. If you don’t have a pair of sneakers in your collection which you want to part with you could possibly think about visiting your local Payless and getting a pair for next to nothing, or a few pairs at that rate. Little things to people who have nothing are big things, so whatever you can do, it would greatly be appreciated by those in the sneaker community, the people of Haiti and the natives who now live in the US, as well as the world as we all try and do our part to help this ill stricken country. A call of action has been taken, please stand up and do whatever you can. Enough people have died already, there is no reason for this number to climb higher when we have the power to step up and do something about it.

Above is a video of MAYOR who continues the call of action to contribute to Sneakerheads for Haiti. MAYOR informs us he has already put aside 50 sneakers to send over, and has recently talked to DJ Clark Kent who is packing up 200 pairs. Let’s do it people.

Send whatever sneakers you want to part with to the address below and be happy to know you did your part in a nationwide effort to help millions of people.

Sneakerheads for Haiti
Soles4Souls, Inc.
315 Airport Road
Roanoke, AL 36274

If you would rather just make a donation you can simply just text “SHOES” to 20222 to place a $5 donation to Soles4Souls towards the Sneakerheads for Haiti foundation.

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