Air Jordan 2 “Ice Blue”


Before i even say anything about these Air Jordans let me just say that there has got to be something wrong with the colors in the photos, or the press release. I am going by what is being reported by those who have the sneakers in their hands, however what is reported looks nothing like the sneakers, besides for in 1 picture.

OSneaker has just picked up this Air Jordan 2 being called “Ice Blue”. OSneaker reports “The upper is mostly ice blue with hints of black, the midsole is black and the sole is a light grey.” If you look at the pictures though, you would believe the sneakers have a white upper with accents of gold/brown. There is however one photo at the very end showing the sole where you can slightly see part of the upper and in that photo part of the upper does appear to have an Ice Blue hint to it.

It’s obviously going to be hard to make a call on the sneakers at this time, since you can’t really tell what color they could be due to the color error in the photos, however as soon as newer pictures surface we will be sure to provide you with a much better look at what is for now known as the Air Jordan 2 “Ice Blue”. Click here to check out the rest of the photos, including the one solo shot which shows the sneakers actually appearing to have an Ice Blue upper.

Edit: It’s been determined that there is obviously something wrong with the gamma and color settings on my monitors. I’ve tried 6 different computers, all with LCD monitors and the sneakers still appear white. As many of you have reported to me, you can clearly see the blue, which i can not. Sorry for the confusion due to my color errors. It’s either monitor problems or i’m starting to go color blind haha.




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