Reebok Re-Up Select


Back when we showed you the adidas Equation we mentioned that the “unique sneaker is unlike no other on the market.” That however is not the case anymore as Reebok prepares to launch the Re-Up Select. Just like the Equation from adidas the Reebok Re-Up Select is constructed in such a way that allows you to change the silhouette of the shoe whenever you feel the need. The way it which it is carried out on these is slightly different then how it’s done on the Equation, in the sense where the Equation uses snaps for the removable panel and the Re-Up Select uses a zipper. Both however allow you to transform the sneakers on the fly from a high top silhouette to a low top silhouette. A lot of you express great interest in the Equation so the Re-Up Select from Reebok may be something you wanna keep your eye open for as well.

No official release date has been announced at this time but has been nice enough to provide the web with plenty of detailed photos of a white version of the Reebok Re-Up Select and a black version.










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