Top 20 Valentine’s Day Sneakers


With Valentines Day only a few days away every retailer known to man is pushing their Valentines Day products as hard as they can. Boxes of candy, stuffed animals, jewelry and all sort of little doodads are plastered in front of your face no matter where you look. From the malls, to the grocery store, to the drugstore. There’s nowhere you can go to escape it, not even to one of your local sneaker boutiques as Valentines Day releases are arriving one after the other from companies such as Nike, adidas, Converse and Supra.

Needless to say, love is defiantly in the air right now. We may have even caught a whiff of it too cause for some reason or another we were compelled to put together a list of our favorite Valentines Day sneakers. From shoes with hearts and arrows to messages telling you love sucks we went through em all and finally came up with our Top 20 Valentine’s Day Sneakers which are more then stylish for the holiday geared towards the love birds out there.

Note: The sneakers are listed in no specific order and this isn’t a countdown post to the all time greatest.

Puma First Round “Kiss”


Giving us their own twist on a Valentines Day themed sneaker is Puma with the First Round “Kiss”. This is one of the many shoes designed this year to honor Valentines Day and if you remember we just took a look at these the other week. The sneakers feature a white leather base accented with red and silver. The key element to the sneakers and what gives them their name is pair of red lips included on the lateral side of the upper making it appear as if some foxy lady laid a wet one on the shoes. It hasn’t been reported whether these are for the ladies or guys, but we’re speculating this is a womens release.

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