UNDRCRWN ‘Astrodunk Space Jam’ Crewneck


We had thought we covered most of the Space Jam inspired crewnecks and t-shirts but apparently that’s not the case as Kari from UNDRCRWN just hit us up with some info about their new Astrodunk Space Jam crewnecks. The sweatshirts, which are a play on their Astrodunk crewnecks released in October honoring the Air Jordan II, feature an astronaut wearing a black suit with royal blue accents in a pose which is probably more iconic then the Michael Jackson crotch grab. Seen on the feet of the astronaut in mid flight are none other then a pair of Space Jams. To debut the crewneck UNDRCRWN has put together three colors; black, purple and royal which all retail for $50 a piece and are available in sizes up to 3XL. They also still have plenty of stock left of the previously released Astrodunk with the Jordan II’s so if you haven’t seen that one yet, or wanna grab one of these swing on by theĀ UNDRCRWN online shop now. While you’re at it treat yourself to 25% off at checkout by entering the code: CRUZUC. Code will only be valid until Friday, December 25th.

A closer look at the UNDRCRWN ‘Astrodunk Space Jam’ Crewnecks follows after the jump.







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