The Space Jam Hunt


I am one who refuses to camp out for sneakers. No matter how limited or how dope they may be. I just can’t do it. If i was still a tween then maybe, but i’m not, and when i was there was none of that going on. There was always enough to go around. Usually if i can’t get my hands on something i’m interested in i just let it go and wait for the next one. There’s always gonna be a next one.

However that whole state of mind went right out the window when it came to the Space Jam Jordans. Even though they were produced and distributed as a GR i knew the Space Jams would be tricky to get my hands on if i just treated it like any other release. So like many of you, i had to put a game plan into play.

I talked a little bit about it last night on Twitter since a lot of you knew how badly i was waiting for these to release, and how i pretty much got the shaft and wasn’t going to be able to make it out to a shop to try and get a pair. In case you weren’t on that late night Twitter tip i’ll give you a run down on exactly what i did to get my hands on a pair. Yes, that’s right, for all those who knew my worries, ya boy got a pair!!

As i’m sure many of you know, there was a countdown clock on all the corporate sneaker sites. Something like that told me people were gonna be hanging on the sites waiting for that clock to reach 0, instead of just swinging through right at Midnight.

I happen to be somewhat of a computer nerd when i want to be, so i loaded up Finishline, Champs, Footlocker and Eastbay all in separate tabs and then went to WebPageTest which is an application that can determine a websites loading time. I then tested the load speeds of very site and compared the results and aligned my tabs in a way where the fastest loading site with the fewest requests was first, followed by the site which was the 2nd fastest, and so on. I ran these tests about 10mins before the sneakers went live to ensure my results were the most accurate for that point in time.

I need made sure i was logged into each of the sites. This is key factor cause when you do this your shipping and billing info will already be filled out. If you aren’t logged into the system before you go to checkout you will either have to login, or create an account. All of this adds up time to how long it takes for you to make your purchase, so i made sure this was all taken care of before hand to save a those few extra steps.

I thought about going through PayPal with my purchase but then remembered that would be something else i’d have to sign into inorder to complete the order, another task which takes a few seconds. I knew these seconds would be critical to getting an order in before the sites crashed so i went the credit card route. It’s a pain in the ass to type out all 16 digits of your credit card, so i did so before hand on the clipboard and then just copied the number. This way when it was time to order i could simple just press Ctrl+V and paste the number right into the spot and just have to set the EXP and security code.

As soon as the sale went live i kid you not i only had to click the mouse like 4 times to complete my order, with i was able to do in about less then 20seconds. When it comes to something like this, online orders which you know will sell out within minutes, each second you waste could mean the difference between getting a pair and not getting a pair. You gotta prepare yourself and be ready to go. I use Firefox daily but i never had Internet Explorer setup with the same tabs and ready to go just in case Firefox wanted to act a fool on me like it sometimes does and tell me it had an error and needs to close and restart.

I was going to order 3 pairs for my personal use, but decided not to and only got 1 pair instead. I felt i needed to leave some for my homies out there who were tryin to get a pair too. After the fact though, when I heard from a lot of you on Twitter about how you were having problems with all the sites, i was wishing i ordered more so i would of been able to help ya’ll out. I would of been the only dude up on eBay just looking to get his money back and not just make a quick buck on a rape price.

If you have some sort of crazy Space Jam story about what you went through to get a pair, or how you had to run from shop to shop to find a pair in your size, please feel free to email sneakerobsession[at] and give me a good read. As for me, i hope this is one of the last times in a long time that i have to take any sort of extended measures like this just to get a pair of kicks. Truth be told, my heart was pounding the whole time and my adrenaline was rushing like it hasn’t done in a long time. Such a trill. Ya gotta love the hunt!!!!

Photo Credit: Props goes out to dynatrix for this dope photo of the Space Jams. Dynatrix has a lot of sneaker shots, among other various photos over on his Flickr Photostream so if your into kicks and photography it’s defiantly worth taking a peek at. Loving the composer Dynatrix, keep it up homie!!

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