UNDFTD x Nike Basketball MVPuppets T-shirt


With the MVPuppets making their return to the viral video scene Undefeated teamed up with Nike Basketball on this very special project to produce a few MVPuppets T-Shirts.

The crew took both Puppet LeBron and Puppet Kobe and created a solo tee for each character interacting with the UNDFTD U-Man U-Man in some memorable moments. The Kobe tee features Puppet Kobe driving a convertible with the U-Man jumping over the car. The LeBron Puppet shirt displays LeBron standing behind the U-Man in a scene very similar to his Vogue cover with supermodel Giselle Bundchen.

This coming Saturday, December 19th, Undefeated will release the heather grey and black shirts shown here while NikeBasketball.com will release a white Kobe version and a Tan LeBron version of Christmas Day. Needless to say, with all the love people have for the MVPuppets, and Undefeated, the shirts won’t last long so don’t delay if you plan on trying to get one.

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