British Knights Fall/Winter 2009 Collection


British Knights, what are you doing to us here? You have a long history in the footwear industry as a company which use to have originality back in the day and you feel the need to do this to us? We can understand companies such as Mecca, Coogi, Southpole, DADA and etc ripping off designs but we would have never thought the day would come when the infamous BK’s would be taking the designs from others and using them as if they are their own.

Seen here is the lineup of British Knights for the Fall/Winter 2009 Season which have started to arrive at retailers and are available through the British Knights website. Three different styles are shown here, the Lancelot Mid which is seen above, and the Arthur Low and the Crew Mid which are both shown after the jump. What bugs us about this collection from BK is the fact all three of the designs are clearly ripped from DC and Clae which is something we can’t respect since we are big DC supports. Why would you rip Clae off anyway, i mean they did go out of business.

I actually like the British Knight Lancelot, but that’s cause i like the original DC’s they were ripped from, something which i would much rather rock. Sorry British Knights. Come with the originality again we all wanna see and maybe you can change our minds. For those who are interested you can click here to get a closer look at each style, and each colorway it’s available in.












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