Hellz Bellz x Reebok Top Down Pre-Order @ Karmaloop


A couple weeks ago we informed you about the Hellz Bellz x Reebok Top Down which was going to be released on Black Friday through a limited amount of retailers. A few of our female readers who happen to be Hellz Bellz fans we’re really feelin this and expressed some disappointment to us when they were unable to locate a pair upon their release.

Fear not ladies cause we have answered your prayers and found you a run of the Hellz Bellz x Reebok Top Down. Karmaloop is currently taking pre-orders on the shoes through their online website with an expect ship date of January 5th. What makes this even better is that you can now get the Hellz Bellz x Reebok Top Down at the cheapest price possible. Retail price is set at $100 a pair but if you use Rep Code JH17345 during checkout you can get up to 20% off your entire order price. Who’s doesn’t deserve a little discount this time of year?

If your interested in putting a pre-order in ladies hit up Karmaloop now while orders are still being accepted.



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