Space Girls Poster Giveaway Winner #1


We are proud to announce the first winner of our Space Girls Poster Giveaway. The system in which we used randomly selected a name, and after personally verifying that the user was part of the Sneaker Obsession Twitter Followers we are please to award @mjmutuma from Los Angeles, California with 1 of the 5 Space Girls Posters to be given away.

For day 1 of the Space Girls Poster Giveaway we required users to use the #sneakerobsession hashtag in some sort of unique way in order to enter the contest. Some of you got a little creative so we decided to compile a small list of some of the responses which caught our eye. You can check those out after the jump and see if you made the cut or not. No hard feelings if you didn’t.

Keep in mind we still have 4 more posters to give away, with the next winner being selected tomorrow at 6PM EST, so if you didn’t win this time around we wish you the best of luck in the days to come. For information regarding the contest and full details on how to enter please click here.

Please take note that the way in which you enter into the contest has been changed, so your entry from last night/today will not contribute towards the future contest. So check out the link above and get your entry in now for another chance!!!


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