Space Girls Poster Giveaway


We just so happen to have a few Space Girls posters laying around which we have nothing really to do with, so a few of our readers are going to get lucky and take one home.

For the next 5 days we will be giving away 1 poster each day to 1 lucky reader. If you plan on copping a pair, or have already copped a pair of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Space Jam’ shoes then this poster is something you defiantly need to add to your collection. Our female readers out there may not to be keen on the poster, or the giveaway, and for that we are sorry, but at the same time we expect you to understand the whole mind frame for us of sneakers + girls.

For details on how to enter the contest please click here.

Who Can Enter?
The contest is open to all, and only, Sneaker Obsession Twitter Followers living within the 50 United States. This contest is not open to international readers who reside outside the United States or those who are not Sneaker Obsession Twitter Followers.

What if i am not on Twitter?
If you are not a Twitter user we encourage you to join to not only take part in this contest, but future contests. Becoming part of Twitter, and apart of the Sneaker Obsession Twitter Followers will also give you the fastest updates possible to the latest info being posted on the site. Sign up takes less then a minute on Twitter and you can join for free by clicking here.

I’m on Twitter, now how do i enter?
In order to enter the contest you must do two simple things.
– First make sure you are following us @sneakobsession
– Retweet this contest on Twitter by clicking this link: I Wanna Win!!

Note: If link does not work simply copy and paste the following message and Tweet it: Just entered to win a Space Girls Poster at – Just follow @sneakobsession and RT:

How will the winners be picked?
We use an automated process which will search for the message which needs to be Tweeted and then randomly pick a name from the entries. The user will then be verified to the Sneaker Obsession Twitter Followers list. If the user picked is not on the list the system will go about randomly picking another name.

When will the winners be announced?
We will announce 1 winner each day for the 5 day period at 6pm EST via Twitter and via a post on the blog. The winner will be sent a Direct Message through Twitter informing them that they need to email us with their address. This is why it is crucial for you to be a Sneaker Obsession Twitter Follower to be eligible to win. If we can not send you a DM we will pick another winner.

Once the DM is sent, and the winner is announced each day at 6PM EST, they will have a maximum of 24hrs to send us their address before another winner is picked to replace them.

The first poster will be given away on Tuesday, December 8th at 6pm EST with the final poster being given away on Saturday, December 12th at 6pm.

Now that you got the details, place your entry and hope for the best!!!

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