Supra TK Society Gold/Silver Release @ Sneaker Politics


Our friend Derek over at Sneaker Politics has just confirmed that the shop will be stocking their shelves with Supra TK Society Gold/Silver on December 5th. If you recall the last time we took a look at these sneakers there was a lot of suspicion surrounding them. They appeared on the Supra website for a hot minute and then all of a sudden disappeared when a viewer left a comment about them with no explanation to why besides a simple “opps”. So it’s pleasing to final get some confirmation about the sneakers and their release.

We aren’t sure exactly how many pairs will be available, but they will defiantly be limited to a certain degree, nor do we know how many shops will actually be getting the sneakers, but you can be assured Sneaker Politics will defiantly be one of the retailers stocking them this coming Saturday, December 5th on December 12th, 2009.



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