Show Off Your Grails With A Sneaker Frame Display Case


Majority of us all have a pair of sneakers in our collection which mean a great deal to us. Most likely something we wouldn’t even dare taking out on the streets do to how much they mean to us, or do to how limited they just are and knowing the fact you will probably never get your hands on another pair. Some people have rather nice sneaker display cases which they have constructed, others simply just stack the boxes up in corners and closets.

If your one of the many who have those grails sitting in a box somewhere it’s time to take one of the sneakers outta the box and display it with pride with a sneaker display frame case provided by Sketchy White Van. The frame/case is available in two different sizes, one to accompany a high top and the other for a pair of low tops.

I have to admit, when i saw these on TSG i was pretty impressed. The low top version could of been centered a bit more in my opinion to fill up the gap but overall the idea is nice and the construction looks on point. I am even considering picking one up myself to test out and see how it looks on the wall. They defiantly are a little on the bulky side, but what else would you expect for something holding a sneaker within it. Both the high top and low top model are available for $75 exclusively through Sketchy White Van.





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