Air Jordan 1 Retro – Grey/Metallic Silver


Earlier we gave you An Exclusive Look at the Silver Anniversary Air Jordan Collection, a lineup of every single Air Jordan featuring a white/silver color scheme. We have now spotted an Air Jordan 1 Retro which may possibly be part of that very collection. The reason we say “may possibly be” is cause this has not been confirmed at this time and could possibly be just one of the many random upcoming Air Jordan 1 color schemes, but the rumor mill suggests it’s part of the Silver Anniversary Collection. What has us speculating the fact they are part of the series is the fact the Silver Anniversary Collection is said to feature white Jordans with silver accents. As you can see this Air Jordan 1 features a light greyish nubuck upper, which is obviously not white. The metallic silver accents are in place, it’s just the whole grey upper that has us a bit confused at this time. The rumor mill suggests a major factor in the design which ties the sneakers into the Silver Anniversary Collection is the 23/25 logo on the tongue, which is said to be designed for the collection, however the same 23/25 logo appears on the Air Jordan 2010.

Jordan Brand promised us a closer look at each and every Air Jordan in the Silver Anniversary Collection within the coming days so make sure you stay tuned cause then we will have confirmation on what exactly the situation is with these.








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