Supra Skytop II ‘Goldie’ Released Under The Radar


If you haven’t already heard the Supra Skytop II Gold/Black, also known as the Goldie, released under the radar this past Black Friday on November 27th. Details about the release were slim when we gave you previews of the sneakers earlier this month and the official Supra website had not listed any details regarding the sneakers being released. We just so happened to catch new of the sneaky release while checking out the Factory 413 website, taking notice to a banner on the site which announced the release of the Gold/Black Skytop II on Black Friday as an exclusive Factory 413 model.

If you were hoping to get a pair of the Goldie Skytop II’s i hate to tell you but your shot is slim to none at this point. We had figured with such a limited released we would defiantly see resellers tryin to make a buck on the sneakers on eBay but as it stands at this time there are no Supra Skytop II models available for sale.

UPDATE: Supra Skytop II ‘Goldie’ Still Available

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