Nike Blazer ‘C3PO’ Customs


For his first full on Blazer reconstruction sneaker customizer  emmanueLabor executed a theme which just so happens to relate to the whole Star Wars x adidas Originals Collection we’ve been previewing. This wasn’t done intentionally on emmanueLabor’s part but as it stands there could be no better time to present to you a look at the sneakers.

emmanueLabor looked to C3po from the Star Wars films to design the Blazers after using some pretty interesting design techniques which we have yet to see. The entire upper is finished in a gold foil material giving the sneakers plenty of shine with a matching suede liner. On the right sneaker, and only the right sneaker, the strip resting right above the midsole if finished in silver to resemble the movies in which C3PO had a silver right leg. You may be saying to yourself “whats the big deal, its just a simple gold foil sneaker with a silver strip on one, didn’t Supra do this a bazillion times?”. Which in that case you have a point. But as you should come to know, emmanueLabor is always innovating and grabbing our attention in subtle ways which make a major impact. In this case emmanueLabor does so by incorporating pieces of different colored wires into a translucent Nike Swoosh to resemble the inners of C3PO. What would C3PO be without wires and what would a Star Wars flick be without C3PO needing to get his wires reconfigured?

Could i wear these? No. I can’t rock any gold sneakers, it just doesn’t work for me. But as a collector, and somebody who can respect are and a theme which has been executed well i can defiantly appreciate what emmanueLabor did here. These are on the level of something you would see sitting on the store shelves for an official C3PO inspired release from Nike.






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