L.A. Gear Lights – Black Friday Release at Sportie L.A.


Last year in December we saw L.A. Gear launch a comeback which included a collaboration with Sportie L.A. on a few of their classic models from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Unfortunately, for those of us who were hoping to get a pair of the L.A. Lights, the sneakers which actually had the lights in the heel, we were out of luck as L.A. Gear had no reproduced that model at the time.

We can all rejoice though as it has now just been confirmed by SoleCollector that the L.A. Gear Lights will be returning for both the guys and girls this December. A number of colorways are set to release, five total for the guys and three for the ladies. The five for the guys will include white, off-white, green, black and navy. The ladies will get gold, silver and red. The styling of the sneakers remain exactly the same as they were when originally released in 1992. The only difference here are the lights in the heel. Thanks to advances in technology the lights in the heel have a lifespan of 7yrs compared to the originals which lasted maybe half that if you were lucky.

The lineup is set to officially release on December 12th, 2009, however Sportie LA will be releasing a limited number online at 11:59pm on Thursday the 26th, literally right before Black Friday kicks off. If you can’t get a pair then try and scramble now to find out which retailers which stock the sneakers on December 12th cause we already know these are gonna fly off the shelves.











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