X-LARGE x Reebok Pump Omni Lite


Throughout the past couple of weeks we have been featuring all sorts of previews and pictures of the Pumps part of Reebok Pump 20th Anniversary Collection, also known simply as Pump20. Each of the 20 Pumps in the collection all feature some very unique and stylish designs and do to the hype surrounding them a few other Pump styles have released other the radar, such as this Reebok Pump Omni Lite designed in collaboration with X-LARGE.

The sneakers are not part of the Pump20 collection, however they are still another tribute to the 20years since the Pump technology has been introduced. For the collaboration with X-LARGE on the Pump Omni Lite the duo went with a white and black colorway which features mostly white leather on the front half and lace area of the sneakers with black leather and black nubuck holding down the mid section and heel area. The plastic pieces on the upper have a gradient effect which goes from white to black making the sneakers appear as if the whole upper has a gradient design. XL and Reebok branding on both included on the heel section of the shoes with XL in a dark shade of blue and Reebok in an eye catching light blue.

If your a true Pump fanatic, such as DJ Senatore, the worlds largest Reebok Pump collector with over 160+ pairs, and your not just caught up in the hype of the whole Pump20 campaign, you can pick up these Pumps now through X-LARGE. If your interested in just checking em out, well then click here to peep the pics.




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