Atmos x Reebok Pump 20


We never presented to you detailed photos of the Atmos x Reebok Pump 20 so if your still interested in getting a closer look at the sneakers here they are. As we previously reported Atmos dressed up their edition of the Pumps using a black leather base with purple accents on the plastic pieces on the upper and on a section of the mid-sole which eventually fades to white towards the front of the shoes. Further use of white is used on the red of the mid-sole and in the form of a speckle design on the Pump unit, release value unit and on a portion of the mid-sole and heel cap. Included with each pair is three set of laces; white, purple and neon green, with the usual Pump keychain tag in purple.

The Atmos x Reebok Pump 20 will officially be releasing in just a few hours on Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at Atmos Tokyo.






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