Michael Jordan Speaks on LeBron’s #23 Retirement


As you may have heard LeBron James has been mentioning that he plans to retire his #23 next year in honor of Michael Jordan. LeBron personally feels that Jordan’s number should of been retired due to the fact he believes MJ is the greatest athlete the NBA has ever seen. Since the NBA didn’t retire Jordan’s number, even after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier this year, LeBron has been saying he’s going to retire his own number 23 and do something the NBA should of done from the get go. If he sticks to his guns LeBron will take the court next year in wearing #6, the number he wore during the 2008 Olympics.

The other day on All-Access MJ gave Ahmad Rashad a call to wish him a happy birthday and during their brief conversation Ahmad asked Jordan what his opinion was about LeBron James saying he is going to retire his number in Michael honor.

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