St. Alfred x Reebok Pump 20


Since there has been a few updates regarding the Reebok Pump 20 collection today we’re gonna keep on moving here and get through em all. Our next update comes from one of Chicago’s premier boutiques, Saint Alfred.

We originally caught a preview of the Saint Alfred x Reebok Pump 20 a few days ago with a few details regarding the inspiration behind the design. If we caught your attention then feast your eyes on the detailed photos of the kicks which have just been provided by the shop.

The Pumps revolve around the blue-collar working class of Chicago and feature a design similiar to what work wear looks like. The shoes sport an entirely brown upper stitched up in numerous materials with a gold quilted inner lining. If the completely brown mockup doesnt relate to work wear enough for ya check out the heavy duty lace eyelets and the laces which are both straight from a pair of boots. The two insoles spell out Saint Alfred which placed together.

The St. Alfred x Reebok Pump 20 will be releasing on November 20th, 2009 at 12 pm in a limited run of 31 pairs which each pair coming with a free Iron Works tee. Click here to check out more photos of the sneakers and for all you in the Chi who plan on getting a pair you better head out early cause you already know its about to get crazy.






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