Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump 20


Finally some detailed photos of the Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump 20 have emerged giving us a clear look at the sneakers front to back, top to bottom. The coolest part of the sneakers has to be inspiration behind the actual Pump design.

Dee Brown may be the name many refer to today when talking about The Pumps and an athlete who helped make the Pumps what they are today, but some of us know the story a little differently. Long before Dee Brown started with his ‘pump it up’ antics Dominique Wilkins was dominating the court in none other then a pair of Pumps. Although Dominique was one of the top contenders at the time, and a huge Reebok Pump endorser who appeared in Reebok Pump Commercials, he unfourently never got his own pair of signature Pumps.

Therefore Packer Shoes has decided to show Nique some love and take the opportunity to design their Pumps with a theme inspired by none other then The Human Flight Film. To kick things off Packer Shoes started with an Atlanta Hawks and then added in some key elements which pay homage to Dominique such as a gold embroidered star along the front of the left sneaker, his number 21 in gold embroidery along the front of the right sneakers, and the years in which he won his two Slam Dunk titles embroidered on the heel of the sneakers. Taking it one more step further is a ‘Human Highlight Film’ label on the inner side of the tongue on the left sneaker, a Packer Shoes label on the inner side of the tongue on the right sneaker and finally a silhouette of Dominique in mid-dunk on the insoles. The shoes will also comes with 5 pairs of laces allowing you to mix and match them depending on your preference. Along with the 31 pairs of Nique Pumps, Packer Shoes will also be releasing a matching t-shirt.

To celebrate the release Packer Shoes will be throwing a special release party at the store tomorrow night (November 19th, 2009) starting at 10pm. The special event will feature an appearance by Dominique Wilkins and act also as a listening party for the DJ VinRoc mixtape which was produced just for the release. If your live in the Teaneck, New Jersey area Packer Shoes will defiantly be the place you wanna be at tomorrow night.














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