Supra Skytop II ‘Gradient’ – Fit Pic


Sometimes it can be hard for people to really get a feel of how they’ll like a specific sneaker until they get a chance to see a pair in person, or atleast catch a shot of the sneakers actually being worn by somebody (a.k.a. a “fit pic”). With that being said, and knowing a lot of you are on the fence when it comes to the Supra Skytop 2 we wanted to present to you this photo of none other then Chad Muska rockin out in the Supra Skytop II ‘Gradient’.

I think i personally still prefer the original Skytops but i will have to wait until i can actually get my hands on a pair to try on myself before making a final call. Does seeing this fit pic change any of your minds when it comes to the looks and styling of the Skytop II? Click the jump to check out the full uncropped photo.


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