UNDFTD X Reebok Pump 20 Preview


With only a few days left until their official release UNDFTDhas supplied us with a preview up their upcoming Reebok Pumps part of the Pump 20 campaign. For their edition of the Reebok Pump UNDFTD put together a pair which they have dubbed “Rain Check” in honor of the navy blue waterproof nylon base used throughout the upper. Since we dont have a full look at the sneakers just yet its hard to perdict at this time exactly what else may be included within the design but from what we can see here there are accents a few accents of yellow to accompany the navy blue. Hanging from the sneakers is a Pump keychain with both Reebok and UNDFTD branding along with the name of the Pumps.

The UNDFTD x Reebok Pump 20 will officially be released this coming Friday on November 20th, 2009 in a limited run of 31 pairs. Detailed photos of the sneakers should be dropping soon so stay tuned for further updates and click here to check out a slightly larger shot of the preview including some information regarding a release party at Undefeated.


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