Nike Blazer High V Lux – Tier 0 Release


The whole “strapped” trend has defiantly reached it’s peak in todays fashion. We have come a long ways since the simple ankle straps and lace panel cover straps, and it seems like the thicker and more straps included on a sneaker the more some people tend to like them. One of the models which has been making plenty of use of straps lately is the Nike Blazer.

Seen here is a Nike Blazer High V Lux which uses a total of 5 straps, something we have seen on the Blazer in the past. However, what makes these differently is the fact they will be beyond extremely limited. We’re talking Tier 0 release limited. To see these off perfectly for a Tier 0 release Nike did the Blazers in an entirely blacked out colorway using the finest of materials available such as premium tumbled leather and aged black leather which has a “cracked” look to it. There is absolutely no secondary color included anywhere within the shoes leaving these as another nod to the “all black everything” look.

The expected release for this Tier 0 Nike Blazer High V Lux is set for December 1st. Via: Warped



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