Show Us Your Beaters!!


“What kicks are you rocking today” is the most popular question among sneakerheads over the web today. We all take an interest in what one another is wearing and usually take pride in showing off the crisp kicks we have decided to rock out in for the day.

Along with those crispy clean kicks we want to see those beaters too. And i dont mean those shoes which some people call beaters which are still in mint condition, ya know the ones, a pair of average sneakers which you wear on random nights out when you dont wanna wear a pair of fresh Jays or whatever it may be. I mean your real beaters, the kicks which are on the verge of busting at the seams, or have already busted at the seams.

I for one go hard in all my sneakers, no matter what they be or how limited they are. Like the Jones Beach Air Force 1’s i have on today. They may still be crispy clean now but sooner or later these puppies will be hurting and begin to be laid to rest.

My most beat up sneakers have to be these classic Air Force 1 Jewels, or possibly a pair of Trainer SC’s which i will get to some other time. The AF1 Jewels are some of my favorite sneakers and day after day im always wishing for Nike to bring em back and mass produce them again. What i love about my beaters is that they all have stories to tell. Whether they be stories about balling on the court, running from the cops during my youth, getting smashed at keg parties in the middle of the woods during rain nights, or simply just messin around and having fun. Just look at these filthy things. The support in the shoe is shot and they are scuffed up to no need, even the red is scuffed off a lot of the Swoosh. Look at the yellow mid-sole too, needless to say these bad boys have been around for quite some time. Jason Markk or the JGoods Restoration Kit cant even do these things justice. You can slide right into these like you can slide right into a loose…Actually, let me finish that sentence right there since this is a kid friendly site.

Click here to check out a few pictures of just how beat these AF1’s are and hit us up on Twitter with some shots of the most beat up sneakers you have in your collection. Lets see how hard you have gone in some of your sneakers and whether or not you have kept them or trashed them.






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