Supra Skytop II World Tour


A couple weeks ago when we showed you the Supra Skytop II. Unfortunately due to some resources out there, a couple of the details involving the initial release were wrong. We have now learned that this specific colorway of the Supra Skytop II has been dubbed “Gradient” and will be released throughout the world at 10 exclusive boutiques as part of the Supra Skytop II World Tour.

The tour will start in Paris at Colette and end in Atlanta at Wish, with a total of 8 stops inbetween over a two week period. At each location Supra Footwear will release 36 individually numbered pairs of the Supra Skytop II “Gradient”. One thing im not to sure about is that the flyer (pictured after the jump) says 600 pairs each individually numbered with only 36 pairs at each shop. 36 x 10 = 360. Where are the other 240 going? Should be more like 60 at each location if there are 600 pairs.

Either way, check out the flyer after the jump which includes a list of all the stops and dates for the Supra Skytop II World Tour and best of luck getting a pair.


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