JUICE x Reebok Pump 20


Knocking their name of the list of shops which have yet to provide any sort of look at their upcoming Reebok Pump part of the Reebok Pump 20 campaign is Hong Kong’s JUICE. While here in the US a lot of us seem to prefer simplicity and sometimes agree “less is more”, over in Hong Kong they tend to think exactly the opposite. Therefore JUICE put together a pair of Pumps which are sure to snap some necks, maybe not so much here in the states but defiantly in their homeland.

The JUICE x Reebok Pump 20 features a very unusual looking upper made up from white leather with portions of a rustic, oxidation-like material. Chrome is used on the Release Value unit on the heel as well as on the heel cap, and the Pump unit resting atop the tongue is translucent. Accents of blue are added to the mid-sole and outsole with majority of the mid-sole consisting of a gradient design which fades from a rust-like brownish color to white. The keychain included with the sneakers is translucent with a JUICE logo on it resembling the iconic NBC icon.

According to Hypebeast the JUICE x Reebok Pump 20 will be limited to a total of 24 pairs, a few pairs less then the 31 releasing from other shops. The sneakers will be officially releasing on November 20th, 2009 at JUICE where they will be holding a special release party with Sam Lee and DJ Miss Yellow.









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