Nike Dunk Low ‘D.O.A.’ Customs


The all black everything look is slowly starting to make a comeback with a little help from artists such as Jay-Z who is consistently seen in the limelight rockin a black fit from head to toe. All black sneakers have even been on the rise lately when it comes to Nike releases.

Now the “all black everything” look is being carried over to the sneaker customizing community. One of the first to attack the all black everything look since its sudden rise is my friend Adam, also known as the Menace. Adam took a pair of Dunk Lows and created a pair of sneakers which he dubs the “D.O.A” Nike Dunks. The shoes feature a grip of various material in black such as suede, pebbled leather, patent leather and a textured snakeskin material. A black quilted lining ensure a snug and comfy fit. To make the all black Dunks pop without adding any secondary colors some 3M was used to outline the Nike Swoosh.

Click here to check out more pictures of the Nike Dunk Low ‘D.O.A.’ by Adam as well as read his personal statement about what the D.O.A. stands for when it comes to the sneakers.

Statement from Adam
I went with DOA as for the longest i have always been a fan of the approach guys like Hush and Meth pull off. I got pretty caught up in using as many colors as possible for the sake of doing it and not having a reason behind it besides just standing out from the crowd. As i get older and converse with others im realizing that all of that is not necessary. These are a proclamation on the new style i am looking to achieve from here on out. Of course with themed customs color will come, i just wont put 1000 colors on a shoe just to do it. DoA symbolizes the end of all the hype and hotdog orders. Im hoping to stay focused and make a niche for myself. More on that in the future. Death of Autotune in a sneaker sense!









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