Greedy Genius Oceanrunner – Release Information


Its been quite a few months since we caught our very first preview of the Greedy Genius Oceanrunner. Since then consent previews hit the web over the months showing the Oceanrunner in various colors and different materials. No release date had ever been confirmed. Until now.

The long awaited Greedy Genius Oceanrunner will be releasing on November 27th, 2009, otherwise known as Black Friday. To debut the release of the Oceanrunner Greedy Genius will be dropping 6 different versions. There will be the Boardwalk in blue leather, the Aurburn in premium brown oiled leather, the El Jeffe in black nubuck, the Ruckus in wheat nubuck, the Artillery in gunmetal nylon and lastly the Gunnery in black nylon.

Once again, the Greedy Genius Oceanrunner will release on November, 27th, 2009. The shoes will be a web exclusive and only be released through the Greedy Genius online store.


greedy-genius-oceanrunner-6Boardwalk – Blue Leather


Auburn – Premium brown oiled leather


El Jeffe – Black nubuck

Ruckus – Wheat nubuck


Artillery – Gunmetal Nylon

Gunnery – Black nylon

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