Reebok Pump Omni Lite ‘Dee Brown’ Re-Release


In 1991, Dee Brown of the Boston Celtics was announced as the NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winner with a stunning no-look dunk that simply amazed spectators, judges and competitors. Not only did this put Dee Brown’s name in the spotlight but it also gave Reebok a little bit of a boost when it comes to promotion due to the fact Dee won the contest wearing the Reebok Pump Omni Lite, his choice of signature sneakers and would “pump up” the sneakers before driving the lane in each round for his Dunks. That slight gesture, along with Dee winning it all at the end, was just enough for fans to instantly take a liking to the Dee Brown Pump Omni Lite.

Back in 1991 Reebok released the Pump Omni Lite ‘Dee Brown’ in a limited run of 1991 pairs in honor of Dee taking home the Slam Dunk Contest Award. Each pair was individually numbered on the back of the tongue. Fans scrambled in hopes of getting a pair but many were unlucky to snatch a pair up. Many who did get a pair when they originally released were not looking to sell them and not many popped up for sale from resellers. However, a few have started to make their way to consignment shops and online markets since sneaker collecting has become a lot more of a hobby today.

17 years later in 2008 Reebok re-released the sneakers as retro, again in a limited run. Just as they did back in 1991 the sneakers became a popular seller and sold out at retailers nationwide. Due to this being the second round of the sneakers, and there were more resellers around in ’08 then ’91 numerous pairs ended up for sale on eBay for slightly higher prices then retail.

Here we stand now, 18 years later, and Reebok has once again re-issued the Dee Brown Reebok Pumps. No word on exactly how many pairs have been produced but UBIQ has the black and white colorways in stock now and ready to ship for a price of $100. If you never had a chance to cop these, or are looking to pick up another pair cause yours are beat jump on this quick cause once the word gets out they will go like hot cakes.

Click here to check out more pictures of the sneakers and a quick video of the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest where Dee Brown takes on Shawn Kemp and does his epic no-look dunk.







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