Info Regarding Reebok Pump Bringback Edition


A lot of you have been sending emails with questions regarding the Reebok Pump20 project and the Reebok Pump Bringback Edition so lets make it clear here exactly what is planned to happen within the coming weeks.

Each of the 20 shops involved in the Pump20 project will be releasing special Reebok Pumps which the shops have personally designed, most of which use unique colorways or elements not found on the original Reebok Pump released 20 years ago. These models will be limited to a total of 31 pairs which each pair indivually numbered.

Alongside those each of the 20 boutiques will also get the Reebok Pump Bringback Edition. This year the Pump Bringback Series features the Reebok Pump in the two original color scheme released in 1989. Each of the 20 shops will get a limited supply of 29 pairs of each colorway. These will also be individually numbered on the backside of the tongue, along with Bringback Edition printed on the tag.

So in total each shop will get a total of 89 Pumps, to resemble the year 1989, the year the Pump debuted. 31 pairs of their specially designed model for the Pump20 collaboration, and 58 pairs of the original Reebok Pump colorway (29 for each colorway).

Hope this has made it clear for everybody out there now. Thanks to DJ Senatore, the worlds largest Pump collector (160+ Reebok Pumps) and owner of Rare Breed Footwear in Long Branch, New Jersey for the pictures of the samples he received along with the jacket. Spread the word and remember where you heard it first!!





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