24 Kilates x Reebok Pump


Day by day a different shop involved in the Reebok Pump20 project has released either some previews or a full on shot of the Pumps which they have designed. The latest to present the community with some images is 24 Kilates from Barcelona, Spain, the shop responsible for a pretty popular New Balance 1700 design that i was dying to get my hands on and never did.

24 Kilates opted to use one of the two original colorways debuted on the Reebok Pump 20years ago for their version, the black/white/orange color scheme. However, instead of using black leather for the construction of the upper 24 Kilates swapped in some buttery smooth black suede. That simple change was just not enough in itself though. From there some ideas were thrown around and the idea came about to show the world the innovation technology that makes up the Pump unit. Translucent paneling has been added into the upper and tongue to allowing consumer to see inside parts of the sneakers and actually view how the Reebok Pump Technology works.

The 24 Kilates x Reebok Pump will be released exclusively on November 20th, 2009 only at 24 Kilates.







24-kilates-reebok-pump-8 24-kilates-reebok-pump-9




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