Marcus Jordan Causes adidas To Drop Contract With UCF


Tonight Marcus Jordan and the University of Central Florida Knights took to the court in an exhibition game against the St. Leo Lions. Despite the teams 47-32 win over the Lions, the athletic department at UCF may have lost their most valuable asset thanks to Marcus Jordan, whats left of a $1.9million dollars 5year contract with adidas that was not set to expire until June 2010. Heads at adidas and the big shots who make the calls when it comes to sponsorships for the athletic department had a contractual commitment in their contract  anybody playing for the schools athletic teams were to take to the field, or court, head to toe in supplied adidas gear.

Last month Marcus Jordan made it clear that he was against this agreement in the contract and would not take to the court in a pair of adidas sneakers, but would however wear the supplied adidas uniforms. Marcus stated he much rather preferred the fit and comfort of Air Jordans, the sneakers of his father, over that of adidas. We strongly stood by Marcus Jordan and all athletes out there who play for college sponsored teams as we believe no college should limit their players to what sneakers can and cant be worn since certain sneakers are proven to improve a players game. You could potentially be limiting some of the countrys best athletes to their best abilities by enforcing them to wear a sneaker, or cleat, which may not be the right fit for their foot or style on the field or court.

When Marcus Jordan took to the court tonight against the St. Leo Lions he was wearing the Air Jordan 12 ‘Rising Sun’ instead of the supplied adidas worn by the rest of the team. I had to say, not to knock adidas as i do truly respect their kicks and culture, but the Rising Sun Jordans looked great with the Knights uniform. According to reports adidas the the UCF athletic department were in talks to extend this $1.9 million dollars contract which ends in June 2010, however in a statement given to CNBC adidas is quoted in a statement saying “The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to adidas. As a result, we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward.” This could possibly be the most costly lose for any sponsored school out there as adidas supplied every sports team of the University of Central Florida with equipment.

Once again, we respect Marcus for taking to the court in a pair of kicks which he believes are the best for his game and will help him help him team to a victory. It’s time to stand up athletes. A change needs to be made, dont let colleges limit your abilities. Do you want a scout to see you slacking cause your arch is killing your or cause your sneakers are heavier then what your use to. To all the sponsored companies out there, its time to put a clause in your contracts for this. You say your about the kids and for the kids but your limiting them to their best which is not right. Supply the uniforms, leave the sneakers up to the players preference.

It would be nice now to see MJ and Jordan Brand step up here and fill the gap that the University now faces when it comes to uniforms for their athletic department.


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