Reebok Pump Friends & Family Edition


Having all the right connections in the sneaker industry opens the door to many things that many people would die for. One of the many advantages of course is getting sneakers extremely early, or getting sneakers which will never be released to the general public. One such person who has connections like this, as you should all know by now is DJ Clark Kent.

One of the latest pickups which DJCK got is a Reebok Pump designed in honor of the Pump20 campaign which honors and celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Reebok Pump. There is nothing all to special about the design compared to previous models we have seen. They use one of the OG colorways originally used on the Pump when it debuted, which is something we have seen on one of the Size? x Reebok Pump models.

However, what makes these sneakers rare and unique is the fact that the general public cant get them and on the back of the tongue theres a tag which states “Friends & Family Edition” and “You have received 00”. Limited releases like these are always a must have among collectors and with the sneakers clearly stating “Friends & Family Edition” you already know these bad boys could fetch some high figures on the bay.



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