Atmos x Reebok Pump Preview


Seeing as how we are now officially in November and the release of the Reebok Pump 20th Anniversary Collection is nearing more and more shops involved in the project are coming forward with previews or detailed photos of the Pumps they have designed. Offering us a little bit of a teaser for now when it comes to their Reebok Pump design is Atmos Japan.

From what we can see by the preview the Atmos x Reebok Pump sports a black leather base with plenty accents of purple and what appears to be a neon green speckle on certain portions. Knowing Atmos Japan, and how they love to included glow-in-the-dark features in a lot of their designs we are led to believe that those neon green speckles on the black base could possibly have a GITD effect to them. Until further details and pictures arise though we cant be to certain just yet so make sure you stay tuned for further details.

Watch for the Atmos x Reebok Pump to officially release on November 20th, 2009

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