Supra TK Society – Gold/Silver


Paying homage to the Gold/Silver Supra Skytops released in Japan back in ’07 Supra Footwear has put together this new colorway of the Supra TK Society using the original colorway. Details about the release are very slim at this time and we honestly think Supra is trying to withhold some info from us for a little while. The pictures originally appeared when photos of the Holiday 2009 TK Society models were posted on the Supra website and within a day or two the photos were removed and readers were left asking “what happened to the gold/silver TK Society?” without any response as to why it was suddenly removed.

After that a lot of people started speculating that the sneakers could be planned for some sort of special release later this year and that Supra Footwear is maybe tryin to keep the info under wraps. If your a Supra fan, and have followed your Supra releases over the years, you will probably be familiar with how Supra usually releases a limited edition gold sneaker sometime in early December. This gold/silver TK Society may be just that.

When further details surface we will be sure to keep you in the loop.



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