Erik Börjesson From SNS Selling His Collection


Erik Börjesson, co-owner of SneakersNStuff has been an avid sneaker collector for over 15years and has complied a collection of well over 600 sneakers. Since the collection has grown so large, and some of the sneakers just dont get worn anymore, Erik has decided to put up a large portion of his collection for sale. Everything from Jordan, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Adidas and more. Majority of the sneakers up for sale are either in a size 10.5 or 11, since Erik happens to wear a size 11. Dont expect them all to be in mint condition either as it is shown on some that Erik defiantly went hard in his sneakers. A lot of them though can look good as new again with a little bit of help from the JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit.

A lot of the sneakers are priced fairly cheap but some of the others which are in better condition, ones which Erik doesnt really wanna sell in the first place, are priced a little bit higher. Either way you look at it though the prices are defiantly fair, if not a steal for some.

If you were a size 11, or a serious collector just look to cop some heat for a cheap price regardless if you can wear it or not check out SizeEleven, a site which Erik has put together to sell the collection.

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