Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Ramon Cerda


Ramon Cerda is the latest consumer to have his Bespoke Air Force Ones displayed on the 21 Mercer Street blog. Ramon, being a NY native, looked to NYC for his inspiration on a design which he calls the “Rotten Apples”. The sneakers consist of a multitude of colors and fabrics which create a pair of Air Force Ones which look completely different on the outer side and inner side of the upper. The frontal of the sneakers consists of red patent leather with red nubuck on the toe-box with green nubuck on the lace panels. The mid-panels on the outer side of the upper feature red croc material while the mid-panels on the inner side of the upper consists of white patent leather. Brown suede is used for the heel panel on the outer side of the upper while white suede is used of the heel panel on the inner side of the upper. The Nike Swoosh’s are also different, with brown leather on the outer side and white leather on the inner side. Lastly is a translucent mid-sole with a red backing and a brown outsole.

Talk about a pair of Air Force Ones that really make use of the fabrics and features available through the Nike Sportswear Bespoke Studio on 21 Mercer Street.









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