Nike Huarache 09 ‘N7’


Back in 2007 Nike created the N7 collection, a lineup of footwear designed specifically for Native Americans. After years of testing with Native American tribes Nike came to the conclusion that American Indians have a distinct foot shape which greatly differs from that of us in the States. It was also noted that Native Americans have feet which tend to be larger then the average American. Therfore Nike set out to produce sneakers geared towards the needs of Native Americans and created the N7 line which made a debut back in 2007 with the Nike Air Native. Not only that but Nike is donating all proceeds made from the N7 line to promote sports in the Native American communities to help kids and adults alike become more athletic and fight the ever growing problem of obesity in the communities.

Within the coming weeks Nike will be releasing another sneaker part of their N7 line, this time a Nike Huarache 09. The Huarache 09 is seen here sporting a white leather upper with grey paneling that includes the use of a few blue pinstripes. Accents of blue, orange (red?) and black appear throughout the upper with what looks to be an N7 hit on the tongue tag.

At this time alls we have is this preview shot provided by Josh Gotthelf from Dime Magazine but hopefully some more detailed photos will be popping up soon as its reported the sneakers will be releasing on November 7th, 2009.

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