Nike Air Max Lebron VII Available Now


Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over! Thanks to a release date change, the Nike Air Max Lebron VII has officially become available at retailers across the nation. The shoes were originally suppose to release at a later date but for whatever reason Nike has the release pushed up to today which should make many consumers who have been waiting months for these sneakers very happy. With all the hype surrounding these sneakers you best move quick if you plan on getting a pair cause who knows how fast these puppies may sell out. The sneakers are available in sizes for men, kids, pre-school kids and toddlers.

Get em now @ Finishline – Use coupon code SHOE1060 for $10 off.
Get em now @ Footlocker – Excluded from discounts.
Get em now @ FootAction – Excluded from discounts.
Get em now @ Eastbay – Excluded from discounts.|
Get em now @ eBay – Prices may be a little cheaper.





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