Rob Dyrdek’s 15 Signature Sneakers


Rob Dyrdek from the hit TV MTV series Fantasy Factory is a man who is constantly on the grind. He skates, acts and produces, and if you wanna get into it he can also bring out Bobby Light and do a little signing and dancing. Rob is involved in numerous ventures which include his current TV Series, the clothing company Rogue Status, the companies Reflex Bearings and Silver Trucks both of which he owns, his kids toy line called Wild Grinders, an eyewear company called Battle Eyewear which he owns and so much more. Rob also is the founder of the Street League skateboarding league and has his own signature TAG boby spray called Make Moves, which he is contently doing.

Currently Rob Dyrdek holds sponsorships with Alien Workshop, Spy Optic, Silver Skateboard, Monster Energy and what we believe to be his biggest sponsor, DC Shoes. Rob signed his contract with DC Shoes back in 1995 which gave him his first signature sneaker, the DC Dyrdek 1. This year in 2009 DC and Rob introduced the Dyrdek Collection which includes the DC RD1 Mid, Rob Dyrdeks 15th signature sneaker from DC Shoes.

Fifteen signature sneakers is quite impression. Almost like Jordan status. In tribute to Rob and his impressive sneaker lineup with DC Shoes we have put together a look at all 15 of Rob Dyrdek’s signature sneakers. To check out the entire lineup please make your way through the pages of this post.

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