Bespoke Sneaker Gallery x EA Games ‘Battlefield 1943’


Last week we gave you a preview of one of two custom sneakers which Bespoke Sneaker Gallery designed exclusively for Electronic Arts to celebrate the upcoming release of Battlefield 1943. Thanks to Tim at Bespoke we can now present to you with a closer look of both custom Air Force Ones.

Design inspiration for the one of the AF1s was based on the P-51 Mustang, the most recognized WWII warbird. The P-51 Mustang was a long-range single-seat WWII fighter aircraft. The warfighter’s popularity transcended warfare, in the mid-60s, it was also the inspiration of Ford Motor Company naming their now infamous sport coupe after the fighter. The second AF1 is inspired by actual game play of Battlefield 1943. Designed with every marine in mind, these sneakers are essential to survival and standard issue with every pack. The infantry, rifleman, and scout are all equipped for battle with BSG’s custom AF1.

The color blocking and detailing on the first AF1, the one inspired by a P-51 Mustang consists of an Army Green body, Grey cockpit/side paneling, Red and Yellow accents normally found around the nose of the plane & propellers and a rough US logo to represent a plane recently engaged in battle. The second pair is engineered for combat in the trenches. Whether in the brush, foxholes, or sandy beaches of the Pacific this AF1 is built like a tank. Army green body, Grey toe/heel cap, Camo Swoosh and a Gum Sole.

Taking things a little bit further then just designing a pair of sneakers Bespoke Sneaker Gallery included custom packaging which included a custom camo shoe box, canteen, camo bandanna and military duffel bag.

As we have mentioned before neither of these two sneakers will ever be produced again and both are 1 of 1s which has been given to top execs at EA Sports.





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