Maestro Knows visits the Nike Campus

We havent posted many of the webisodes from Maestro Knows in the past, eventhough we watch them ourselves, but Episode 9 from Season 2 is something i think all of you will enjoy. Maestro was recently out in Portland to do some work and while he was out there he met up with Jared, a designer for Nike apparel who gave him an exclusive tour of the Nike Campus and allowed him to customize the Nike AW77 Fleece. Needless to say, the Nike Campus is insane. The view is beautiful and the layout of the land and the buildings which occupy the land is something else. We dont wanna give the whole video away so just check out the video above. Its a good watch, believe me, Maestro does got quality editing for a video filmed entirely with him holding a hand-held camera and hes ques in the music perfectly.

And for the record, that smile on Maestro’s face is like his signature smile. Whenever you see this guy hes always smiling. Just happy to be doing what hes doing and enjoying life.

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