Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) Sneak Peek


5 months ago we got our first preview of the upcoming Nike Zoom Kobe V (5), the 5th signature sneaker of Kobe Bryant. Judging by the emails many of you hit up us with at the time theres quite a few of you patiently awaiting more news and information about the sneakers. At this time we still dont have to many details about the sneakers or their release but we do have a few screencaps of Kobe wearing the sneakers.

This past Friday, September 18th, 2009, VersusSport put on an event to promote NBA 2K10 from 2K Sports which featured Kobe Bryant going head to head with Carmelo Anthony in NBA 2K10 on the XBox 360 gaming console. Kobe showed up in the Zoom Kobe V and before the game kicked off he was pretty much forced to show off the sneakers to the crowd. The camera man though only shot from one angle which sort of gave us, the viewers who were watching, the shaft. Those who were present for the event got an eyeful of the sneakers but the rest of us were only able to see the front part of the sneakers.

Hopefully one of the many people who attended the event were able to snag a few pictures of the sneakers and will post them up online soon. Until then just enjoy the screencaps and keep it locked for further details and pictures of the Nike Zoom Kobe V (5).



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